- NEWS -

- June 2021 -

NACHTKRIEGER "Nationalisme anticonformiste" LP out now!
A cornerstone of Quebecois NSBM finally on vinyl!
Nachtkriger's debut, a masterpiece of raw Black Metal,
now available on 12" with remastered sound.

CIEL NOCTURNE discography on vinyl format!
"Demo I", "Season of Solitude" and "Dernière Salve":
three separate LPs of the rawest cold and nostalgic
Black Metal from this occult French horde!

- March 2021 -

LASCOWIEC "Asgard Mysteries" double LP out now!
The first Lascowiec demos finally on vinyl format!
64 minutes of hypnotic and atmospheric black metal
in a double LP featuring the demos plus bonus tracks.
First 66 copies in gelid ice coloured vinyl.

- February 2021 -

ULFHETHNAR "Beyond Their Mortal Boundaries" LP out now!
To honour its first 20 years of underground existence,
Dark Hidden reissues its first release, now on vinyl format:
Ulfhethnar's debut work, with a totally remastered sound
and a brand new prologue. First 66 copies in nightstorm blue.

- February 2020 -

SACRIFICIA MORTUORUM "Maturum est" LP out now!
A cult of raw Black Metal desolation and nostalgia!
Sacrificia's second full length now on 12" gatefold vinyl
with a remastered sound that enhances its dark essence.
Vinyl 180 gr, 88 copies in marbled colors, 212 in black.

- July 2019 -

FUROR "Ice Doctrine" CD out now!
The fury is back, unleashed in their first solo album!
30 minutes of Mystic Cosmogonic Black Metal.
Co-released with Southern Plague Records.

- November 2018 -

Dark Hidden Productions proudly presents
EVIL, for the first time live in Argentina!

- November 2017 -

Dark Hidden Productions proudly presents
DER STÜRMER, exclusivelly live in Argentina!

- July 2017 -

NACHTGEBLÜT "Dying Echoes of a Past Forlorn" is out!
Twelve years after delving into the ancient times,
the echoes of that forgotten past finally return:
almost an hour of Baroque-inspired Black Metal
& Neoclassical compositions hailing the purest art.

- May 2017 -

Dark Hidden Productions proudly presents
GRAVELAND, for the first time live in Argentina!

- November 2014 -

DARKTHULE "Arktoy Oryge" out now!!!
CD compilation of old 7" stuff.
Raw Hellenic Black Metal.

- October 2013 -

After some long delays, Dark Hidden finally presents:
MIRKHALL "Heathen Hearted" demo compilation.
Finnish Pagan Black Metal with Horna members.

- October 2012 -

LASCOWIEC "Frostwinds of the Apocalypse".
New album, more grim and cold than ever.

- January 2012 -

After seven years of silence, the fury is back:
ULFHETHNAR "Reawakening the Wrath of Yore".
Eight wounds of grim and raw Black Metal for the elite.

- February 2011 -

Dark Hidden Productions proudly presents:
BILSKIRNIR "Dem Feind entgegen". Out now!
New MCD of pure paganism, honour and war.

- October 2010 -

Official distro: CAMPO DE MAYO "The Falcon Years" tape.

- September 2009 -

New PANTHEON "Paganuclear" t-shirt
available right now! Limited to 28 pieces.

- July 2009 -

NA RASPUTJE "Early demos (1998-2003)" CD out.
Three demos of pure raw Russian Aryan Black Metal.
Total time: 72 min. Limited to 1000 copies.

- February 2009 -

Southern Elite Black Metal split for radical minds.
48 minutes of insane hate. Limited to 1000 copies.

Also: new DARKTHULE t-shirt available.
Edition limited to only 28 pieces.

- October 2008 -

Out now: OSKAL "Stahlkrieg / Blazes of Sunset" CD,
gathering of the two demos recorded in 2004.
Raw and harsh Black Metal from Russia in the BBH vein.
Limited to 1000 copies.

- June 2008 -

New release: LASCOWIEC "Asgard Mysteries" CD.
Gathering of the great first two demos plus bonus tracks.
Hypnotic and atmospheric Black Metal from Vinland.

- March 2008 -

Out now: ARYAN ART / FUROR split CD.
Aryan split uniting the fury from Bulgaria and Argentina.
Limited to 1000 copies.

- December 2007 -

After some great delays, the "Southern Elite Circle
is finally out! More than 72 minutes
of pure elitist Black Metal in one CD containing
the most radical hordes from Argentina.

- April 2007 -

Dark Hidden Prod. proudly presents a re-release of
DARKTHULE "Beyond the Endless Horizons" CD,
including the early demos "Summon thee..."
and "Awakening of the Ancient Past" as bonus tracks.
Almost 64 minutes of the greatest Hellenic Black Metal.
Limited to 1000 copies.

- October 2006 -

New release: DRAUGURZ "A yell from the past" CD,
compilation of the greatest pieces of this atmospheric
Heathen Black Metal horde with strong Burzum influences,
featuring some previously unreleased tracks.
Limited to 750 copies.

- March 24 2006 -

Out now: EVIL / S.A.R. / THALLIUM
"Chaos to Unleash a New Age" CD,
53 minutes of Southern Aryan Black Metal War!!

CAMPO DE MAYO "Campo de Mayo" full CD, co-release
with Desastrious Records and Fetch the Rope Recs.

Available a limited number of CAMPO DE MAYO t-shirts.

- September 2005 -

NACHTGEBLÜT "Strange Ways to Ancient Times" out now!
A strange mixture of Black Metal, Nietzscheism
and neo-classical music against modernity,
judeo-christianity and socialist ideas.

- March 2005 -

New Dark Hidden Prod. release OUT NOW!
ULFHETHNAR's extreme "Essence of Superiority" CD.
Fast, aggressive, elitist Black Metal.
Limited to 777 copies.

- October 2004 -

CAMPO DE MAYO's second ep,
"Playing with toys that would have been
dangerous even for Plato's Republic ep", is out now,
again in a clandestine ultra-limited first edition
in CDr for near comrades.

- Winter 2004 -

Dark Hidden Prod. began to distribute NACHTGEBLÜT's
"Frozen streams of forgotten knowledge" (2002).

- March 24 2004 -

The first ep of CAMPO DE MAYO,
"Renewing the call for war", has appeared in a clandestine
ultra-limited first edition in CDr for near comrades
because of printing houses refusing to do such an artwork.

- January 2001 -

Dark Hidden Prod. presents ULFHETHNAR's first album,
"Beyond Their Mortal Boundaries" CD.